World Language

K-8th Grade:


The Spanish program exposes students to basic vocabulary and grammatical structures of the Spanish language. Students learn to communicate greetings, introductions and farewells, colors, parts of the body, objects in the classroom and at home, family members, short dialogues and answering simple questions. The program supports the development of students' listening, reading, writing and speaking skills in Spanish, as well as encourages an appreciation of cultural diversity within the school community.

9th-12 Grade:

High School Spanish

The High School Spanish program (Spanish I-IV) offers courses that are student-centered and performance-based; hence, providing opportunities for individual and group activities. The objective of all levels of language is the development of interpersonal, interpretive and presentational communication. Teachers address students' individual needs through differentiated instruction where they focus on the five skills of language acquisition: reading, writing, listening, speaking and cultural understanding.