June 16 Year End Celebration
June 19-23 1:00pm Dismissal
June 26 Last Day of School-1:00pm Dismissal

2023-2024 School Year
July 4 Independence Day- School Closed
July 6 First Day of Extended School Year
July 7 1:00pm Dismissal
July 14 1:00pm Dismissal
July 21 1:00pm Dismissal
July 28 1:00pm Dismissal

August 4 1:00pm Dismissal
August 11 1:00pm Dismissal
August 18 1:00pm Dismissal - Last Day of Extended School Year
August 30-31 Staff In-Service: Group A (9:00am-4:00pm)
Classroom Set Up-(optional): Group B

September 4 Labor Day -(School Closed)
September 5-6 Staff In-Service: Group B (9:00am-4:00pm)
Classroom Set Up-(optional): Group A
September 7 1:00pm Dismissal-First Day of School for Students
September 8 1:00pm Dismissal
September 21 Family Connections Meeting (6:30pm)

October 5 Back to School Night
October 9 Columbus Day-(School Closed)
October 11 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
October 20 Staff In-Service- (School Closed)

November 8 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
November 22 1:00pm Dismissal-Thanksgiving Family Celebration
November 23-24 Thanksgiving-(School Closed)

December 13 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
December 21 1:00pm Dismissal
December 22-29 Winter Recess-(School Closed)

January 1 Winter Recess-(School Closed)
January 2 School Reopens
January 10 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. Day-(School Closed)
January 24 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)

February 7 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
February 16-19 Presidents' Day- (School Closed)
February 21 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)

March 6 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
March 8-11 Staff In-Service-(School Closed)
March 20 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
March 21 Family Connections Meeting (6:30pm)
March 28 1:00pm Dismissal
March 29 Spring Recess-(School Closed)

April 1-5 Spring Recess-(School Closed)
April 8 School Reopens
April 17 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)

May 8 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
May 22 1:00pm Dismissal (Staff In-Service)
May 23 1:00pm Dismissal
May 24-27 Memorial Day Weekend-(School Closed)

June 21 Year End Celebration
June 24 1:00pm Dismissal
June 25 Last Day of School-1:00pm Dismissal

School Year Details
School Hours: 8:45 AM - 2:15 PM
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Attendance: (732) 681-6900 x143
Nurse: (732) 681-6900 x113
Main Office: (732)681-6900 x100

Marking Periods
11/04: 1st Marking Period Ends
1/20: 2nd Marking Period Ends
3/31: 3rd Marking Period Ends
6/26: 4th Marking Period Ends

11/03/2023 1st Marking Period Ends
01/19/2024 2nd Marking Period Ends
03/28/2024 3rd Marking Period Ends
06/25/2024 4th Marking Period Ends (K-11)

Make Up Days

In the event the school needs to make up one day prior to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, school will be open on January 15, 2024.
In the event the school needs to make up a school day after Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, school will be open on February 16, 2024.
In the event the school needs to make up a school day(s) after Presidents' Day, school will be open on March 08, 2024 and/or March 11, 2024, April 5, 2024.
In the event the school needs to make up emergency closing days after April 5, 2024, the make up days will be added to the end of the school year.