Get the Help You Need to Succeed in College

With college admission just around the corner, The Rugby School at Woodfield goes above and beyond to ensure our students are prepared for a higher level of education. We offer a Fast Start program, a well-respected high school to college transition program.

The Fast Start program acclimates students to the demands of the college environment and offers the academic foundation they need to succeed at a collegiate level. Counselors will help with registering for classes, filing forms for financial aid and seeking scholarships. Your child will also have access to college coaches and teaching support.

Making the workforce transition a breeze for our students

The Rugby School at Woodfield proudly offers a Special Education job skill program in Wall Township, NJ. Also known as Rugby W.O.R.K.S., this program gives our students the skills and resources needed to be successful and independent. Our Job Placement coordinator partners with a variety of local businesses and tradesmen to develop personalized learning experiences.