Visual & Performing Arts

The Art Department of The Rugby School at Woodfield

is dedicated to creating an environment where students have the opportunity to experience the fine arts and performing arts including General, Advanced and Studio Art, Computer Graphics, and Music.

Fine Art:

Students are introduced to materials and techniques, concepts and processes essential to understanding fine art and the role of the artist. Students are introduced to the elements of art and the principles of design in a variety of media and materials including drawing, painting, sculpting, wood burning, murals, collages, pottery, weaving, assemblage and mosaics.

Advanced Art:

Advanced Art allows the students who are enthusiastic and accomplished in one or more areas of art to advance their skills and develop talents to attain a greater depth, understanding and mastery of the fine arts.

Studio Art:

Studio Art provides students with the opportunity to work in the media of their choice to further their skills. Students have the opportunity to experience additional media including pencil, ink, pen, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, oils, tempera paint, as well as sculpture, metal, wood and jewelry.

Arts in the Workplace:

Select students accompanied by the art teacher bring art lessons, projects and activities into community organizations and nursing homes on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Computer Graphics:

Computer Graphics is the art of creating pictures or movies using computer technologies. Such technologies include photographs, drawings, paintings, 3-D printers to make sculptures and models.

Computer Graphics I :

Computer Graphics 1 teaches students how to properly use a stylus tablet to create and manipulate pictures and objects on a computer. Students are introduced to computer graphics basics using programs such as Corel Painter, Photoshop, PaintTool Sai and Adobe Premier.

Computer Graphics II:

Students are introduced to additional programs and advanced techniques. They learn how to create their own digital brush and how to use multiple programs at once to create and manipulate images. Students also explore the field of Design Art used for advertising and commercial purposes and learn to construct layouts utilizing print media and product packaging for TV and the internet. Students are also taught Concept Art where they learn the illustration techniques used in video games, animation, comic books and films including blue screen technology.

Music :

Students receive individualized and group lessons in voice, guitar, piano, drums, brass or string instruments, as well as music composition. The Rugby School at Woodfield's music program integrates technique, theory, composition, music history and appreciation in order to properly develop the talents of young musicians.