K - 2nd Grade:

Elementary Mathematics

content includes number sense, concepts and operations as well as measurement, geometry, algebraic thinking, data analysis and probability. Students regularly and routinely use manipulatives and other math tools to enhance mathematical thinking, understanding and power. Each lesson has a variety of whole class and small group activities that introduce concepts and provide opportunities for children to work together to solve problems and communicate their ideas to teachers and peers.

3rd - 5th Grade:

Intermediate Mathematics

focuses on the development of mathematical understanding and relationships which are expressed through the abilities to think, reason and solve problems. Students will demonstrate confidence in their ability to work with mathematical concepts, make appropriate decisions in selecting strategies and techniques, recognize familiar mathematical structures, detect patterns and analyze data. An environment is created that encourages students to explore, discuss and apply ideas, while manipulative materials provide the means by which students construct knowledge.

6th - 8th Grade:

Middle School Mathematics

develops and extends mathematical and algebraic skills in calculating, reasoning and problem solving. Students extend their knowledge in mathematical concepts in contexts that promote problem solving, reasoning, communication, making connections and designing and analyzing representations. Students move from the concrete to the abstract in the ongoing development of concept understanding.

9th - 12th Grade:

High School Mathematics

is a well-balanced program that includes learning math through problem solving, inquiry and discovery. Students will focus on using mathematical processes of communication, connections, reasoning, representations and technology to master skills and solve problems.

Algebra I:

Algebra I emphasizes conceptual understanding and critical thinking and keeps pace with the changes in mathematics and its applications. The content of this course includes algebraic symbols, equation solving, exponents, polynomials, factoring, algebraic fractions, systems of equations, inequalities, radicals, graphing linear equations, quadratic equations, probability, relations and functions.

Geometry :

Geometry develops and applies problem-solving skills using inductive and deductive reasoning. Students are guided through all the conceptual and working levels of the process using geometry. This course uses two and three-dimensional geometric shapes (points, lines, planes, triangles, polygons, circles and solids) and examines their properties, measurements and mutual relations in space.

Algebra II:

Algebra II expands and builds upon the concepts learned in Algebra I. Students will apply operations with real numbers to many types of equations and word problems. Skills developed will enable students to graph linear and quadratic equations, inequalities and conic sections. Complex numbers will be introduced and students will identify and discuss polynomial, logarithmic and exponential functions.

Trigonometry /Pre-calculus:

Trigonometry/Pre-calculus continues the studies of functions and graphs, polynomials and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, counting principles, probabilities and limits. This course provides students with the foundation necessary for the rigor of future mathematics courses.

Calculus :

Students investigate and apply the fundamental elements and theories of differential and integral calculus. This course prepares students with the foundation necessary for the rigor of college mathematics courses.

Consumer Math:

Consumer Math prepares students to deal with situations in their daily lives that require knowledge of wages and deductions, comparing and reconciling savings and checking accounts, renting apartments, purchasing housing, determining real estate taxes, purchasing automobiles, investigating insurance and buying on credit . This course satisfies the personal financial literacy graduation requirement.